Manual The Indian Mutiny (Men-at-Arms, Volume 67)

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A History of the Filipino Revolt (from the Tagalog perspective)

Ltd AB. Bayly and D. Kolff eds. Nijhoff H4. Bhatia ed. Arun Bhuyan ed. Wayne G. H H3. Bagchi H3. Chopra ed. Ralph Crane ed.

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Mahasveta Devi, The Queen of Jhansi trans. Chambers E. Ainslie T. Embree ed. Michael H. Fisher ed. Partha Sarathu Gupta and Anirudh Deshpande eds. Haigh and P. James Hewitt ed. Russell H3. Augustine J. Raj Kumar ed. Janice M. Bentley ABS. Thomas R. Sangh Mittra and S.

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It is the siege of Delhi. Parliamentary Papers: A.

The Mutiny Outbreak at Meerut in 1857

India Papers:. Deaths in Bombay , Bombay. Vols and S. Prasad ed. Wilson ed. Press IP. Central Publication Branch IP. George W. Forrest ed. I, pts. I and II, Bombay : Govt. Miles Irving ed. George William De Rhe-Philipe ed.

The Indian Mutiny

R Wilson ed. Mitra, Keeper of the Records, Calcutta , 18 August Leidschrift is een zelfstandig Leidschrift is an independent academic wetenschappelijk historisch tijdschrift, journal dealing with current historical verbonden aan het Instituut voor debates and is linked to the Institute for geschiedenis van de Universiteit Leiden. History of Leiden University. Leidschrift Leidschrift verschijnt drie maal per jaar in appears tri-annually and each edition de vorm van een themanummer en biedt deals with a specific theme.

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