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Games are designed objects. And design is power. Agents uphold power and Ethical actions. This paper will argue for the definition of games as agents with a rather large autonomy. Thus, computer games become accountable for the moral values their designs promote, as they are agents of those values. Almost all games, including RPGs, operate with a certain notion of winning condition. In single player games, the system puts obstacles to the player who attempt to achieve the winning condition. On the other hand, multiplayer games are different.

The Ethics of Computer Games

They are not designed as an obstacle to a player, but as set of boundaries the players cannot trespass in their attempt to achieve the winning condition before or better than the other players. In the case of multiplayer games, it is also necessary to take into account that the power structure of the game permeates to the social structures built surrounding the game. That is, players that do not follow or exploit the designed routes to achieve the winning condition are seen as unlawful players.

In other words, the ethics of the design are implemented to the ethics of the group of players. Given this framework, this paper will argue for computer games being conveyors of ethical discourses that are implemented via design.

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A game will be defined as a moral agent, ethically accountable for the values its architecture enforces. Design in computer games implies power and control. It becomes a moral object as well as a moral agent. As a summary, this paper will argue for the moral accountability of computer game design as an ethical object and as an ethical agent. The design architecture of the game is an active power structure in which ethical discourses and moral values are embedded.

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The main character of the game is amnesic, but his moral standards are defined with a design limitation: a dead cop means game over. More complex is the case of Manhunt RockStar North: Even though the game has raised discussions due to its content, this paper will focus on the way the game is designed, and how that design is used to enhance a certain experience by the player: namely, that of a hunted man that has to kill to survive in a hostile environment.

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Finally, Battlefield Digital Illusions: will be the multiplayer example, especially for the freedom its architecture gives to the players, which has contributed to a rich ethical code of conduct in may BF servers. Other examples taken from games that actually take into account ethical values in their game design, such as Knights of the Old Republic BioWare: , will be taken into consideration as a symptom of the awareness designers have of their power over players. Are computer games moral objects?

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Can game design enhance ethical discourses? If so, how? These two are the main questions of this paper. The topic of Ethics brings forth many controversial issues concerning computer games.

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This paper intends to provide a theoretically solid, well-grounded perspective on the question of ethics in computer games. Games are often blamed for evil as if they had some magic, totemic power. Games pervert the youth and turn them into malicious sociopaths, some say. My goal with this research is no other than to prove that there is no such "dark magic" in games, even though they are definitely morally accountable objects.

My goal is to allow a scientific approach to the morality of games to contribute to the academic and media understanding of the complexity of the ethical construction in computer game design. References Aarseth, Espen. Perspectives on Ergodic Literature. Anderson, Craig A. Audi, Robert ed. The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy. Second ed. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press, Crawford, Chris. On Game Design.

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