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Some aspects of Departure Processes. Estimation aspects of a multistage finite source queueing model.

The abc conjecture

Some continuity properties of polyhedral and their applications to parametric problem. University, 27, Optimal control aspects of a single server priority queueing model involving general service times. Conference on Mathematics for industrial development. Agra University Agra, Optimality aspect of a finite capacity priority queueing model. University December Continuous Inspection of Markov Processes with a Clearance number.

Vikram Sarahbhai Space Research Centre. Trivandram, June Neeka Ennai Petra arkov Muraigalukku thodarchiyana Aayvu.

November , Stronger criterion for Periodic Markov Chains and Steady State -conditions for a Queueing model with service heterogeneity. Asymptotic properties of M estimation theory for dependent random variables. Economic Designs of Technology of Markov Processes. Annual Paper meeting session of the Institution of Engineers India and Seminar on Microprocessing applications to Production processes. College, Coimbatore, Indian Science Congress 70th Session , Sri. Venkateswara University, Tirupathi Some aspects of continuous Inspection of Markov Processes. Dermen et. Seminar on Probability and Statistical Inference.

Department of Statistics, University of Poona, Pune Continuous Inspection of Markov Processes. RAO advance institute of mathematics, statistics and computer science Hyderabad. February 23, Chaired two sessions. Inaugurated the workshop. Optimal Solutions to Scheduling Problems. Chaired two sessions at St. Thomas College, Pala,Kerala State. Stochastic Processes and their Applications. Statistical methods for Social Sciences and Game Theory.

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Markov Processes and their Applications: A research perspective. Sharpening of Pakes criterion for periodic Markov Chains and steady state conditions for queueing models with service heterogeniety. Advances in Statistical methods and Operations Research. Mahalakshmi College for Women, Tuticorin Under College Science Improvement Programme.

Adithanar College,Tiruchendur. February 12, July National University of Singapore. Applications of Statistics in Botany inaugural address of the Botany Association. Sampling plan for Markovian production processes-A simulation study. Botany Department St. Markov Chains and their Applications.

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of parameters in Galton-Watson processes with immigration.


Xavier's College, Palayamkottai,Tirunelveli on 16 March Population Studies in Socio -Economic Developments. Tirunelveli — on 14 February Sarah Tucker College, Tirunelveli on 17th March Statistical Measures of Relationships. Chaired a session. Akbulut, Selman Ed. Gotay, Mark; Moncrief, Vincent E. Cenkl, Mila; Miller, Haynes Eds. Mal'cev Obra en 3 Vols.

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QA I57 Keyes, David E. Fuchs, L. Abelian groups and noncommutative rings: a collection of papers in memory of Robert B. Warfield, Jr. QA A Graef, John R. Oliker, Vladimir; Treibergs, Andrejs Eds. Dennis, R. Sally, Paul J. Thomas; Ferguson, Thomas S. A1 A57 Haile, Darrell E. Kleiman, Steven L. Enumerative algebraic geometry : proceedings of the Zeuthen Symposium.

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Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920)

Lapidus, Michel L. Friedlander, Eric M. Kawamata, Yujiro; Shokurov, Vyacheslav V. Givant, Steven R. Cordaro, Paulo D. Jacob, William B.

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