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Deconstructing A Myth: A Personal Journey

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People Love Journey Over , 5-star reviews Atlas is easily one of my favorite feature in myjourneyapp , love how it beautifully display my 8 days Annapurna Base Camp trek journal on a map! View this post on Instagram. Introducing Journey Coach New to journaling? You can find an entire collection of over 30 bonus articles to get you started!

Or, how no creator is ever satisfied with personal work

To discover Ireland, to explore its magic -- in cyberspace. To have an outlet for my restless Celtic soul So it was that Fantasy Ireland was born In I embarked on a journey to Ireland. No plane ticket, hotel, nor rental car was required however. That was beyond my means, unfortunately, as perhaps it is for you The journey I began was within Into the heart of Ireland. I wanted to learn more and share what I learned with the world. I built over pages. But something was missing I lost my way I had also discovered long before Fantasy Ireland was born that I have a sociological imagination about life in general … mine as well as others' In my time away from Fantasy Ireland, I followed that calling and became a sociologist.

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Years of toil and trouble, I am proud of those achievements and hope to apply them here. Because in my weariest hours, I heard the call of Ireland once again I decided to reorient myself, to try and find a way to balance my knowledge and skills from both realms This led me back here It is now time to revive Fantasy Ireland. Many years have I been away Hereafter I see this website as my Fantasy Ireland Project.

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For more on the scholarly side of Fantasy Ireland, stay tuned I hope you find my journey one you'd like to join, in whatever way best serves your own journey. Contact me anytime!

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I had been a massive Skylab fan pretty much my entire life, and to say I was excited was an understatement. It was a big thrill to see the Skylab 4 crew on stage together — mission commander Gerald Carr, pilot Bill Pogue, and science pilot Dr. Ed Gibson.

At any rate, it was a joy to hear them discuss their spaceflight experiences and their mission milestones during this panel. I was a little surprised by the preponderance of these articles and videos, since, by that time, several widely-available books and sources had, I felt, successfully debunked this myth. They seemed chronically normal in my eyes: Carr seemed professional and businesslike, yet friendly, Pogue came across as smart and hilarious, and Gibson came across as a mix of those qualities.

For a blog post from an independent source not aligned with a news service or major spaceflight website at that time, This Space Available was on Blogger , it gained a huge readership, and still is one of my most-viewed pieces. This makes me very proud. I broke out all of my well-worn Skylab books to reference, found some good memes, and went to work. I knew Dr.