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The practice standard provides insight and detailed explanations of the basic elements and processes of EVM, and demonstrates how to scale EVM to fit varying project sizes and situations. Buy Now. Password Recovery To recover your password please fill in your email address Email. Submit Back To Login. Don't Have An Account Yet? Create An Account Please fill in below form to create an account with us Email.

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The method is now adequately matured. Also, developments in IT made it quite doable to collect and manage the required information for performing earned value management. So in short, I should say that everything is now ready for you to start with EVM!

#1 How to Calculate EAC (Estimate at Completion) - PMP Exam Earned Value Course

It used to make a lot of challenges for me in the past before invention of google map; but now it is not a problem at all. The only thing that I need to do is to check the route in the map in advance and then the rest is easy: just follow the instructions and enjoy your journey!

Using Earned Value on Agile Projects - Project Management Hut

For developing EVM methodology two organizations played very important role. Then in , project management institute has included earned value management in its project management body of knowledge and developed the practice standard for earned value management. Technically the both standards are compatible and it is up to you to decide which one you are going to use as your road map for implementing earned value management.

As you see, this principle emphasizes on three main elements which technically form together the whole earned value management methodology. These elements are:. This simply outlines what we do in EVM: we prepare a baseline, measure the performance and forecast the future in order to perform timely reactions to meet the project objectives.

Technically this is what we are supposed to do in project monitoring and control. As you know, based on PMBOK we must have scope baseline, schedule baseline and cost baseline and monitor the performance against these baselines. Earned value management method is designed in a way that combines all three and provides you with an integrated system to monitor the performance.

A Practical Guide to Earned Value Project Management

Here you go the recipe:. Then you assign management responsibility to each WBS element. The third step is to prepare the project schedule. When you have the schedule then you prepare a time-based budget for all WBS elements to the lowest level Activities. When you have your schedule, budget and performance measurement method set, now you baseline it.

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What you will have here is a high quality fully resource loaded schedule which you can easily extract any time-cost information about project from it. The only thing that is left in preparation stage is to develop a structure for collecting the time-cost-scope performance information in an integrated manner. Now you have your performance measurement baseline PMB and your structure for collecting the progress in place.

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  6. So you can start utilizing the system. In every reporting period you measure the actual earned value and actual cost accurately.

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    You determine the estimate at completion EAC and then prepare your report for designing the corrective actions. In the whole process you must of course maintain your performance measurement baseline. It may sound boring if I say that I am going to give some formulas as well but I promise to keep it as short as possible. Based on these components, EVM introduces some indicators which can be used for evaluating the overall project performance:.