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The silicon release levels during the pH cycling were significantly higher than those in the constant pH immersion.

The silicon levels for both cycling sequences were around 47 and 2 times higher than that in constant pH conditions for 2 and 10, respectively. The morphology of the ceramic treated with cycling was also significantly degraded as compared with the ceramic immersed in the constant pH solution. Thus, the severity of glass-ceramic degradation depends not only on the pH of the immersed solution but also on the pH of the previous solution.

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Since the pH of the oral environment can vary depending on the diet and buffering capacity of saliva, materials testing in constant pH immersion might underestimate the in vivo corrosion. Adhering to the original plan of classification by chemistry, this edition reorganizes the topics into four main sections: Fundamentals, Corrosion Analysis, Corrosion of Specific Materials, and Properties and Corrosion.

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New chapters on corrosion by biological sources New chapter on corrosion of architectural materials Additional material on thermal and environmental barrier coatings Expanded chapter on composites More questions and examples New literature sources in each chapter where appropriate. With an abundance of practical features and new information, this expanded and completely reorganized third edition helps readers address corrosion problems and create the most corrosion-resistant systems possible.


Designed as a reference, it could also be used as a text in a graduate or senior undergraduate course. Ronald A.

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